Abdominal Bloating Everything You Need To Know About (Causes, Symptoms And Treatment)

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how to get of Abdominal bloating

Stomach inflammation is such a problem that arises due to bacteria in the stomach, and it can take a serious form over time. Therefore it is necessary to have information related to the causes, symptoms, and remedies of stomach inflammation so that, over time, the inflammation of the stomach can be prevented. Here is the complete post that informs you how to get ride of Abdominal bloating?

What is abdominal bloating?

Stomach inflammation is called gastritis in medical language, and commonly it is called inflammation of the stomach and flatulence. Slowly acid and ulcer-infecting bacteria start producing in the stomach, due to which the inflammation of the stomach and liver increases so much that the cancer problem arises. Although people often consider flatulence as acidity, if the problem continues over time, it can be a gastritis problem. In many cases, the problem of abdominal swelling is not very serious, so by understanding its causes, symptoms, and treatment, one should get rid of it soon.

Causes of bloating

The problem of abdominal swelling should not be taken lightly. attention should be paid to its causes, and its correct rules and treatment should be adopted to cure it as soon as possible. Some of the leading causes of abdominal swelling are given below-:

  • The only cause of abdominal bloating is a gastrointestinal bacterial infection inside the stomach.
  • Helicobacter pylori is the most common bacterial infection in the stomach. The inflammation problem of the stomach, and this infection converts it into inflammation by sticking to the layers of the stomach.
  • Another reason for the problem of gastritis is the attack of bacterial infection on the cells of the stomach, and when the infection attacks the cells of the stomach, it wears down the immune system due to which the capacity of the immune system also slows down, and the stomach becomes infected. This is how the swelling starts increasing.
  • Consuming alcohol also causes the problem of stomach swelling. The amount of alcohol in the wine is very high, and this acid slowly attacks the stomach, due to which the digestive juice gets affected and gradually turns into swelling.
  • Excessive intake of anti-inflammatory drugs such as painkillers also destroys the cells that protect the lining of the stomach, due to which inflammation starts increasing in the intestines of the stomach.
  • Consuming cigarettes, tobacco, and cocaine also causes the problem of fatty liver.
  • Due to increasing age, the problem of stomach inflammation is seen in older people because, with aging, the lining of the stomach and its immune system starts to weaken, due to which the Helicobacter pylori bacteria reach the stomach tissues and affect them.

There are more than hundreds reason of Stomach bloating but these are some common reasons we shared above.

Symptoms of stomach bloating

The symptoms of abdominal swelling are usually not understood quickly because it appears similar to flatulence during acidity and constipation. Still, when there is persistent abdominal pain, and some of the symptoms given below are seen, then you can understand Know that this is one of the symptoms of inflammation of the stomach-:

  • The feeling of discomfort and pain in the upper abdomen.
  • Pain in the left side of the stomach and back in such a way that the pain starts moving towards the right side.
  • The feeling of intense pain, which has a burning and cutting-like feel.
  • Vomiting of white, yellow, and blood.
  • The feeling of heaviness in the stomach and absence of burning sensation in the upper part.
  • A bloated stomach is considered to be the most common symptom of gastritis.

If the problem of gastritis in the stomach is severe, then it starts bleeding inside the stomach, due to which external symptoms include sweating and shortness of breath, dizziness, blood in the stool, severe pain in the chest or abdomen, etc. This problem is usually found more in older people above the age of 60 years.

Remedies for stomach bloating

The problem of abdominal swelling leaves its effect on the body in both standard and severe form, and along with the doctor’s consultation, if you have a common problem of abdominal swelling at home, you should follow the home remedies given below to cure abdominal swelling. Should be adopted-:

If you are suffering from the common problem of abdominal bloating, then you should use curd in your diet as curd has probiotic properties, which help build tissues by healing the lining of the stomach.

  • Using honey is also considered best for the problem of general abdominal swelling. The antioxidant properties in honey kill the bacteria inside the stomach, relieving stomach inflammation.
  • Turmeric is considered a vital remedy medicinally. Turmeric has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties, which kill the bacteria in the stomach and eliminate the problem of stomach inflammation by strengthening the stomach’s immune system.
  • Neem leaves have antioxidant properties and help build up the stomach’s tissues, thereby reducing the swelling of the stomach.
  • Consuming basil leaves is best for gastritis or abdominal swelling; stomach swelling can be cured by consuming basil extract water. Many antioxidant properties in basil leaves keep the digestive system healthy.
  • Triphala powder available in the market can also be consumed to eliminate stomach swelling, which can be cured by consuming Triphala powder with warm water. However, Triphala should be used per the doctor’s advice or as prescribed by the medical shop official.
  • Water should be consumed according to the doctor’s advice for swelling of the stomach and cooling the stomach because the muscles become weak in the swelling of the stomach, and there is a lack of water in the body, so the person starts to gain weight.

When should one go to the doctor if symptoms of abdominal swelling appear?

Suppose you are having severe pain in your stomach and feeling burning and some erosion in the upper part of the stomach, or you are seeing symptoms like vomiting blood, blood in the stool, dizziness, and fainting. In that case, you should immediately consult a doctor. One should go to the doctor because all these are the symptoms of the problem of severe abdominal swelling, and no home remedy should be used in this, and the doctor should be contacted immediately.

Abdominal bloating

However, in the problem of normal and severe abdominal swelling, you should avoid some food and drink. You can avoid the following things in the problem of abdominal swelling-:

  • A person’s digestive system becomes very weak due to stomach inflammation, so the person should also stop consuming fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. If you consume oats and apples for breakfast, you should stop consuming them until stomach inflammation occurs.
  • Doctors also forbid the Consumption of tea, coffee, and cold drinks in abdominal swelling because consumption of all these causes frequent urination problems, due to which the water level in the person’s body starts falling.
  • Consumption of vitamin C-rich or citrus fruits should be stopped entirely in inflammation and infection of the stomach because they contain a high amount of acid, which can damage the intestines of the stomach and increase the swelling of the stomach, hence orange, lemon, Consumption of tomatoes, etc. should be stopped.
  • The use of milk, cheese, butter, and cheese is prohibited in inflammation of the stomach because most of the fat is present in all these things, and fat easily sticks to the intestines of the stomach, due to which the problem of inflammation of the stomach takes a severe form. Can
  • Stop using oil and spices and give only boiled food to the person.
  • Stop the intake of sweets and protein bars entirely if the problem of abdominal swelling arises.
  • Consuming meat should be avoided in stomach inflammation because more fat and calories are present in the mass, and in inflammation of the stomach, the digestive system deteriorates, and the digestive system also becomes weak, so it cannot save the meat. It happens, and the problem gets worse.
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