How To Reduce Thigh Fat In 7 Days At Home

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How to get slim Thighs

A fat body with heavy thigh looks awful and also invites many physical diseases, and obesity is the most common. However, many people face problems wearing clothes due to increased fat near the abdomen and thighs. In most cases, when fat accumulates on the thighs, wearing jeans or any bottom wear becomes difficult, and people start facing problems while doing any activities. Thats why today, we will share the post of How To Reduce Thigh Fat in 7 days at home.

How To Reduce Thigh Fat In 7 Days

Thighs give shape to the body and are such a part of our body that if fat accumulates, it spoils the whole body’s shape. Gradually increasing thigh fat turns into many significant diseases like thyroid, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The problem of frozen fat should be addressed, and many types of treatment should be followed to cut thigh fat as soon as possible. Due to Thigh fat accumulation, it takes a lot of effort for us to wear bottoms like jeans, leggings, etc., so if you are struggling with thigh fat, here we will leave five ways to reduce Thai fat. Adopting these tips can reduce your thigh fat in a few days.


Running is considered the most helpful exercise in reducing thigh fat because running helps in stretching and strengthening the muscles of both legs. Running helps in reducing the excess fat present in the flesh of the thighs. So only in a few days, thighs start to look slim and curvy.

However, if you start running for the first time, keep the running time for 15 to 20 minutes, and after making it a habit, you can gradually increase the timing. ‌ We are cautioning about the time because, in the beginning, while running, our knees are under a lot of stress, so for the health of the knees, we should start by setting the time in advance so that you don’t feel knee pain.


If you have a bicycle, then cycling can prove to be the best exercise for you to reduce thigh fat because the muscles of the legs work fast in cycling, and it helps in burning the fat present in the thighs; that is why people Must do cycling for 20 to 30 minutes.


Yoga is most followed to reduce thigh fat and increase metabolism. Health experts also adopt various yoga postures while reducing weight because yoga helps strengthen the body’s muscles. Given below are some yoga asanas which can be done daily to reduce thigh fat in a few days-:


This asana is considered the best yoga asana to reduce the fat deposited on the thighs. You can do Utkatasana while sitting at home, and to do this, you have to first stand in a straight posture; while doing this, you have to keep a little distance between your two legs.

Now you have to bring both your hands in the posture of Namaskar, and while doing this, your hands should be in front. ‌ Now you must slowly bend both the legs like knees while bending your waist. While doing this, both hands are connected and should be towards the front. ‌

You have to stay in such a position for at least 1 minute, and after that, you have to return to normal posture and repeat this asana 4 to 5 times in the beginning.

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Vrikshasana is considered most helpful in reducing thigh fat because, in Vrikshasana, there is the maximum pressure in the upper part of the legs, i.e., the thigh part, which helps reduce excess fat. To do Vrikshasana, first of all, you have to stand in a straight posture, and now you have to bend the right leg and keep it on the thigh of the left leg.

While doing this, both your hands should be joined together in the posture of Namaskar. All your body weight should be on the left leg. You have to repeat this asana 4 to 5 times initially and gradually increase the range of asanas over time. ‌This asana burns the body’s calories and improves the body’s posture, so the person starts to look very curvy and healthy.

Home Remedies To Lose thigh Fat

It is complicated to reduce the fat deposited near the thighs and does not reduce quickly. Still, if some home remedies are adopted along with excellent exercise, it can significantly help lose thigh fat. Below are some home remedies that you can follow to reduce belly fat:

Reduce salt intake

If you want to eliminate the fat deposited on the thighs as soon as possible, you have to start reducing the salt in your diet. Excessive salt intake increases the body’s water, so you have to stop consuming foods containing more salt and chilies and add less salt while preparing home food. However, according to health experts, white salt should be used sparingly, and black salt or rock salt should be used instead.

Suppose you wake up every morning and drink water, adding lemon and honey mix on an empty stomach. It helps reduce the fat in many parts of your body because vitamin C is available in abundance in lemon and honey, and this helps the body burn excessive calories present in it.

Reduce intake of fatty substances

First, you must stop consuming excessive fat or fatty foods like chips, cold drinks, milkshakes, tetra-pack juices, and sweets from your routine to reduce thigh fat. Even at home, you have to cook these fat burning foods with minimum oil, and only this will reduce your extra fat.

Water intake is necessary

The easiest way to reduce the extra fat present in the body is to consume water because it does not take any effort to drink water. The water reaches every part of the body, so it helps every part of the body, like the thighs, abdomen the fat around the belly and waist, to quickly cut fat.

Water keeps you hydrated throughout the day, and drinking 7-8 glasses of water helps reduce your body fat. However, you can add green tea and fruit juice to fulfill these seven to eight glasses of water.

Lifestyle Changes

An easy and less active lifestyle allows the accumulation of excess fat in our body, which accumulates around our thighs and invites many kinds of problems. Many people work while sitting on a chair for a long time, and their body weight increases.

Although working is necessary for everyone, to reduce thigh fat, the person going to the office should go from one floor to another by walking stairs and if the office is nearby, then walk from home to reach the office. Adopting a dynamic lifestyle can only help in reducing excess fat.

Apart from this, not only at work but people living in an apartment should also use stairs instead of lift to maintain a dynamic life and reduce excess fat from the body.

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To reduce thighs weight At home , you have to make changes in diet and lifestyle along with exercises. You have to pay more attention to exercises involving the legs’ muscles. You can check this mind blowing youtube video related to thighs fat loss exercises to lose fat fast. Only those things have to be added to the food which does not increase the weight. Cut down on all those foods and drinks that help in increasing fat. In this way, you can get slimmer thighs in less time.

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