Priscilla Block Weight Loss Journey: Lost 30 Pounds

Priscilla Block Weight Loss Journey: Lost 30-Pound

Before becoming a breakout country star, Priscilla Block spent her late teens focused on improving her physical and mental health. Unhappy with her body image weighing nearly 170 pounds at 5’4″, Block committed to losing 30 pounds sustainably through better nutrition and increased exercise. Her inspirational journey took dedication, but Block gained invaluable confidence and energy to pursue her musical dreams. Now at 28, Block maintains a healthy lifestyle while motivating others with her story of resilience. She proves consistency and self-belief can help overcome any obstacle.

Priscilla Block skyrocketed to fame in 2021 with her massively viral hit song “Just About Over You.” But the country music singer-songwriter has been on her own deeply personal journey for years before breaking out. In her late teens, Block committed to losing 30 pounds through improved nutrition and increased exercise. By getting healthy, she gained the confidence to fully pursue her dreams. Now inspiring others, Block’s story proves consistency and self-belief can help us overcome anything.

Who is Priscilla Block?

Born in 1995 in Raleigh, North Carolina, Priscilla Block grew up immersed in music. She started vocal lessons at age 14 and taught herself to play the guitar. During high school, Block performed in musical theater productions and was voted “Most School Spirited.” She then studied communications at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill while continuing music on the side.

After graduation, Block worked in commercial real estate recruitment but knew music was her true passion. She spent her free time writing songs and playing at local bars. When the COVID-19 pandemic halted live shows, Block pivoted to sharing her talent on TikTok. Her relatable songwriting resonated, gaining her a massive following.

Priscilla Block Weight Loss Journey


In her late teens, Priscilla Block struggled with low self-esteem related to her weight of nearly 170 pounds. She lacked stamina and didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. Block was motivated to get healthier not just physically but mentally. Losing excess weight would also help manage her hypertension. Committing to nutrition and fitness changes empowered Block to take control of her health and future goals.

Initial Weight

At age 18, Priscilla Block weighed around 170 pounds at 5’4″. While not severely overweight, Block felt unhealthy and sluggish at this size. She lacked the energy and breath to perform. Block’s starting weight gave her a benchmark to work from as she embarked on developing healthier habits.

Diet and Nutrition

To lose 30 pounds, Block amped up her nutrition while cutting out junk food. Her diet emphasized lean proteins like chicken and fish, vegetables, fruits, yogurt, nuts and whole grains. She limited sugary drinks and packaged snacks high in sodium. Meal prepping helped Block stay consistent amid her busy schedule.

Exercise and Workouts

Block boosted her daily physical activity with a mix of cardio and strength training. She went on morning runs and followed workout videos at home to get her heart rate up. Weightlifting helped build metabolism-boosting muscle. Switching up her regimen kept Block engaged without getting burnt out.

Challenges and Obstacles

Block faced challenges like finding time for fitness while pursuing her passion for music early on. There were days she lacked motivation or indulged in cravings. But Block persevered through setbacks by being compassionate with herself and focusing on the big picture.

Time Frame

Block lost 30 pounds over approximately 18 months in her late teens/early 20s. This steady time frame gave her results that stuck long-term rather than quick fixes. Block stresses meaningful change requires patience and consistency.

Before and After Photos

Photos from Block’s late teens depict her incredible weight loss transformation. At her heaviest, Block looked noticeably different with a rounder face and fuller figure. After losing weight, she appeared visibly slimmer and more toned through dietary diligence.


Priscilla Block Before


Priscilla Block After

Lifestyle Changes

Alongside nutrition and fitness adjustments, Block prioritized adequate sleep, reducing stress, and speaking kindly to herself. She focused less on perfection and more on consistency. Developing these holistic habits propelled Block’s overall health and wellbeing.

Support System

Block credits the constant love and support of family and friends with keeping her motivated. Their belief in her boosted Block mentally on days willpower lagged. Her support system reminded Block to be patient and celebrate small victories.

Mental and Emotional Shifts

Block’s physical health improvements went hand-in-hand with strengthening her mindset. She worked on replacing negative self-talk with compassion. Letting go of unrealistic expectations also boosted Block mentally to embrace gradual progress.

Professional Guidance

To lose weight safely, Block met with a nutritionist for personalized diet advice. Her doctor monitored any potential health impacts and provided guidance on managing her hypertension. These professionals ensured her transformation aligned with her medical needs.

Impact on Career

Getting healthier helped give Block the confidence she needed to fully pursue music without holding back. Having more stamina and stage presence allowed her to share her talents with the world, leading to her meteoric success.

Advice and Inspiration

Block inspires others to practice self-love, be patient through ups and downs, celebrate small wins, and realize lasting results take time. She wants to start meaningful dialogues supporting healthy lifestyles, not impose unattainable standards.

Life Story

Originally from North Carolina, Priscilla Block had a passion for music from a young age. While establishing herself as a performer, she committed to losing 30 pounds healthfully. Now 28, her breakout stardom reflects the power of consistently pursuing dreams.

Block’s Nutrition and Workout Routine

To lose 30 pounds, Block amped up her nutrition while cutting out junk food. Her diet emphasized lean proteins like chicken and fish, vegetables, fruits, yogurt, nuts, and whole grains. She limited sugary drinks and packaged snacks high in sodium.

Block also boosted her daily physical activity with a mix of cardio and strength training. She went on morning runs and followed workout videos at home to get her heart rate up. Weightlifting helped build metabolism-boosting muscle.

Sticking to this balanced regimen required perseverance, but the results kept Block motivated. “I had to learn to push myself to get in better shape,” she shared. “Seeing the progress was really rewarding.”

Achieving Her Weight Loss Goals

In roughly 18 months, Block lost the 30 pounds she set out to through her improved diet and active lifestyle. Weighing in at around 140 pounds at 5’4”, she had accomplished her goal of reaching a healthier weight.

Block was proud of slimming down in a sustainable way through lifestyle changes. While she looked great, Block said the bigger transformation was mental and emotional.

“Losing weight helped me gain confidence,” said Block. “I felt unstoppable and had the courage to fully go after my dreams.”

Life-Changing Mindset Shifts

Block stresses that physical health went hand-in-hand with strengthening her mindset. She worked on replacing negative self-talk with compassion.

Letting go of unattainable expectations also boosted Block mentally. “I had to learn to be gentler on myself, celebrate progress, and be patient,” Block shared.

By taking the focus off the scale and putting it on feeling empowered, Block found a level of self-love she hadn’t before. Her story inspires others to transform themselves from the inside out.

Continued Success in Health and Music

Now 28 years old, Block maintains her 30-pound weight loss through mindful nutrition and regular workouts. She combines cardio, Pilates, and yoga for balance.

Personally and professionally, she is thriving more than ever. Her 2021 single “Just About Over You” went viral on TikTok, amassing over 217 million streams globally. She released her self-titled EP that year to critical acclaim.

Block spends her time touring, creating uplifting country pop songs, and engaging her 2 million TikTok followers. She often shares health tips and behind-the-scenes peeks into the world of a rising musician.

Staying Hungry and Humble on Her Journey

Despite her rapid success, Block keeps fighting everyday for her dreams. She knows firsthand that dedication creates results.

Block hopes telling her story inspires others with big goals to put in the work and believe in themselves. She’s living proof that amazing things happen when you combine vision with unconditional self-love.

By transparently opening up about her struggles and triumphs, Block motivates people from all walks of life. Her humility and willingness to stay vulnerable makes her message all the more resonant.

On her song “PMS”, Block sings, “Anything’s possible, go ahead and watch me.” Indeed, her meteoric rise shows there are no limits to what passion and perseverance can achieve.

Advice on Starting a Healthier Lifestyle

For those looking to get healthier, Block suggests:

  • Taking small, manageable steps rather than drastic changes all at once
  • Finding forms of exercise you genuinely enjoy rather than forcing rigid regimens
  • Seeking support from loved ones who will cheer you on through ups and downs
  • Letting go of perfectionism and learning from slip-ups rather than being derailed
  • Focusing on how you feel with more energy and confidence vs. fixating on just a number
  • Celebrating little victories day-by-day to build sustainable motivation
  • Remembering success comes from consistency and compassion towards yourself

By applying these insights, anyone can unlock better health, productivity, and joy. Block wants her story to start meaningful conversations and give comfort, not pressure unattainable ideals.

The Journey Ahead

Priscilla Block continues to inspire fans with her incredible voice, candid storytelling, and relatable journey. Staying true to herself through every high and low has fueled her fairy tale rise.

Whatever the next chapter brings musically, Block plans to keep improving holistically – staying active, fueling her body properly and prioritizing self-care. She knows firsthand that pursuing health sustainably empowers chasing every other dream.

Block will continue spreading light through both her catchy songs and her vulnerability. By embracing all parts of ourselves, Block reminds us we have unlimited potential to grow into our best selves.

Here are some sample FAQs and a conclusion paragraph related to Priscilla Block’s weight loss journey:


How much weight did Priscilla Block lose?

Block lost around 30 pounds in her late teens by improving her diet and exercise habits. She went from 170 pounds down to 140 pounds on her 5’4″ frame.

What prompted Priscilla Block to lose weight?

Block wanted to gain confidence, improve her health, and manage conditions like hypertension. Losing weight gave her a boost both physically and mentally.

What was Priscilla Block’s diet and workout routine?

Block ate more proteins, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains while limiting junk food. She did a mix of cardio and strength training 5-6 days a week.

How long did it take Priscilla Block to lose 30 pounds?

Block steadily lost the weight over approximately 18 months through consistent healthy eating and regular exercise.

How did Priscilla Block stay motivated?

Block’s support system of family and friends kept her motivated. She focused on feeling healthier and stronger vs. getting fixated on numbers.

Did Priscilla Block use any weight loss supplements?

Block achieved natural weight loss through diet and exercise alone without any supplements, pills or products.


With dedication and perseverance, Priscilla Block transformed her health and confidence in her late teens by losing 30 pounds sustainably. By bravely sharing her story, Block inspires others to practice self-love and believe in their limitless potential no matter the obstacles face. Her relatable journey proves that balance, patience, and compassion are the keys to living fully and pursuing your dreams.

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