Jacob Batalon Weight Loss Journey: Shedding 112 Pounds

Jacob Batalon Weight Loss Journey: Shedding 112 Pounds

Jacob Batalon Weight Loss: We know Jacob Batalon or remember him as ‘Ned Leeds.’ Who appears in five Marvel Cinematic Universal superhero Films and stardom with Spidermen-Homecoming is a big star and famous in Hollywood. With a proper diet and workout regimen, he has lost 112 pounds with loads of effort. 

He made excellent efforts to attain his weight loss goals and to make himself active. He once said- “Even when he wasn’t doing anything physical, Jacob found himself sleepy at work, and it is because of all the fatty food he was eating.”

Here, his weight loss journey motivated his fans to believe that Jacob lost a vast amount and modified himself with great effort. Let’s learn about his weight loss and life journey and how he made terrific efforts to change his life.

His fans are curious to know everything about his weight loss journey, such as how he reduced a lot quickly, as his journey is beneficial and inspiring for fans.


Jacob Batalon is an American Actor born on October 9, 1996, in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

He completed his schooling at a private Catholic school, St. Anthony’s School, and then went to Damien Memorial School. Then, to study music theory, he went to Kapi’olani Community College but later dropped out. 

Then, he planned for a two-year program to study acting as a career at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

He has Filipino parents. Batalon has seven siblings and half-siblings: a brother and a sister belong to his mother, three brothers and two sisters from his father.

Jacob Batalon’s success was raised when he appeared in his first significant role in Spider-Man. Then he got a role in Avengers, and so on.

Full NameJacob Batalon
Date of BirthOctober 9, 1996
AgeIn his mid-20s
Best Known ForNed Leeds in Spider-Man films
Net WorthEstimated at $1 million
HeightApproximately 5 feet 5 inches
WeightLost around 112 pounds for his role

Batalon weight loss motivation 

Jacob Batalon has lost 112 pounds for their role in Spider-Men: No Way Home.

In an interview with Men’s Health, he stated that “he changed every diet and exercise-averse routine he had developed since childhood.” That helped him lose weight sustainably and quickly.

He goes too far to lose this much weight in a limited time. He has been going through a lot to change his physical appearance. His dramatic physical transformation encourages many to lose weight.

Batalon weight loss plans

Batalon did this miracle with constant exercises and consuming healthier meals. He goes to the gym for a 90-minute workout 6 days a week. He said he lifted weights in the first hour and then did cardio in half an hour. 

Batalon so many exercises weekly, but he mentioned some exercises he liked more than other exercises in his schedule:

  • Rotational Wall Toss- 3 Sets\10 reps 
  • Medicine Ball Slams- 3 Sets\10reps
  • Reverse Lunge to Lateral Raises- 3 Sets\10 reps 
  • Renegade Row- 3 Sets\10 reps 
  • Burpee- 20 reps 

These Are Batalon most favorite exercises. He burns calories by doing such exercise, and his body transformation is an example of hard work and keeps the body in shape. 

Jacob Batalon diet 

Batalon has reduced enough weight by gymming and hard work, maintaining diet plans, and changing what he eats. 

He used to hydrate his body by starting a day with a good amount of lukewarm water with lemon juice in the morning for natural cleansing of the body. Lemon is known as the best source of vitamin C, which contributes to the body’s ability to use fat and calories as a fuel source when doing physical activity and rest.

He eats a healthy breakfast with more fiber and protein. Eating more soluble fiber will help you lose belly fat and prevent belly fat gain, and protein reduces your hunger and makes you eat fewer calories. He also added omelet bread, grilled chicken, and chicken soup, food with low calories and high protein. He had a strict stop on sugar intake in his daily diet. 

His Words

“I felt like I could barely walk upstairs without being out of breath, and this one day, I kind of just saw myself without a shirt on, and it was just ridiculous. I could not believe I let myself get this far. That’s what started it all.”-Jacob Batalon.


Jacob Batalon Before

Jacob Batalon Before

Image Source: Good Morning America

Jacob Batalon After

Jacob Batalon After


Did Jacob Batalon is in a relationship?

Yes, Jacob is in a relationship with Brooke Reina. They live in a relationship and moved to Brooklyn, New York, last year. The actor mentioned that they met on a night out, and he fell in love with her.

Why did Batalon lose weight?

Batalon said in a Men’s Health interview that being overweight adversely affected his daily life, and he felt so bad when he always ran out of breath when walking upstairs and always felt tired when he worked hard and couldn’t do anything.

How did Jacob get the role of Ned?

Just before his graduation, he asked for an audition to get the role of Ned Leeds in Spider-Men. He gives an audition directly with Tom Holland, who is playing Spider-Man in the movie, and Jacob gains higher success in the movie and gets many roles after that.

What is the Reason for Jacob Batalon’s baldness?

Many rumors state that he has cancer, but it’s not true. His bald head promoted many questions. Jacob has been diagnosed with Alopecia at the age of 8. But the actor did not confirm this. He is a healthy person and did not state anything in public that he has been diagnosed with any illness so far.

Net Worth of Jacob Batalon?

Jacob Batalon was paid around $300-$400 for the role in Infinity War and charged for many movies. His estimated Net Worth is $1 Million.


This was all about Jacob Batalon weight loss transformation. Jacob Batalon gives the most remarkable example of physical transformation after losing around 112 pounds. He did hard work with consistency. The above overview shows us that self-motivation can make things easier to achieve your plans. Taking protein and fiber in your diet is more helpful in the weight loss process. Jacob maintains his diet and focuses on his workout for his dedication to losing weight. So, the best thing we can do is “focus” ourselves to achieve anything.

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