15 Best Workouts for Weight Loss At Home (A Guide By Professionals)

Dr. Aqsa Naim

15 Best Workouts for Weight Loss At Home

Exercise is essential in a rush life because, in this modern life, we are unable to pay attention to our food and health, due to which we get many diseases and also gain weight, that is why today on Healthfeats we are going to tell 15 Best Workouts for Weight Loss At Home, which you can do in your daily life as an exercise.

15 Best Workouts for Weight Loss At Home

Staying healthy has become very difficult in modern life, and in our busy life, we cannot pay attention to our diet. We wake up every morning to reach work, eat unhealthy food, and spoil our health by eating junk food from outside. Sometimes this junk food also causes problems like obesity and weight gain. Some people want to reduce their increasing weight. We have discovered 15 exercises you can do comfortably at home and reduce weight. Apart from this, those looking for information related to morning exercise for weight loss must also follow the exercise we mentioned. Below is the information related to 15 weight loss exercises at home:


If you want to lose weight at home but do not have much time, you can do just 15 minutes of daily walking and running. ‌ According to health experts, running increases your blood circulation, which reduces excess fat and helps in reducing weight. ‌ According to health reports, if you run for half an hour daily, your 295 calories are reduced, which helps in rapid weight loss.


You can do pushups at home by giving 15 minutes daily. To do pushups, you have to spread a sheet or mat on the ground, spread your legs, and trap them under a table so that your feet stay in one place. Now you must push the chest up and down by keeping both hands on the ground. ‌ Pushups remove excess fat from the body with the help of sweat, which helps in weight loss.

Bridge Exercise

Bridge exercise is considered to be the most popular exercise for weight loss while sitting at home, and this exercise also relieves back pain. To do the bridge exercise, you must lay down a mat on the ground. Straighten your whole body and keep your hands close to the waist. Now you have to straighten your legs and raise one leg slowly in the straight position and the bridge position and now slowly bring the love down and do the same with the other leg.

Plank Exercise

The plank exercise is considered an excellent exercise to reduce excess fat from the body and reduce weight. The plank exercise is similar to pushups, but only one has to stay in the position. First, for the plank exercise, spread the mat on the ground. Now get into the position of pushups. ‌

Now keep the elbow of your hand on the ground so that the weight of your whole body comes on the elbows, and while straightening the legs, stand on the toes so that the weight of the lower part of the body comes on the toes. Now practice staying in this state for 4 to 5 minutes.

By doing this exercise daily for 10 to 15 minutes, the muscles of the body get stretched, which increases blood circulation, and it reduces calories. This exercise is one of the best exercise of our Best Workouts for Weight Loss At Home.

Jumping Jacks

If you want to lose weight fast, you must adopt the jumping jacks exercise in your routine because this exercise reduces calories rapidly, which helps in weight loss. To do this exercise, first of all, make the body stand in a straight posture, and now while bouncing the body, keep both legs open as much as possible and lift the hands straight like the shoulders. Stand again in a straight posture, and now repeat this exercise. Do this exercise daily for 10 to 15 minutes.

Jump Rope Exercise

Childhood jumping rope was considered a sport, but it is a great exercise that can reduce excess body fat. According to health experts, about 240 calories can be reduced by jumping rope fast for 30 minutes daily.


Many yoga asanas are also used to reduce excess fat from the body, out of which one of the yoga asanas, Kapalbhati, is considered the best for weight loss. Kapalbhati is very easy to do as it can be done anywhere at home and outside. ‌ To do Kapalbhati, you must first sit on the floor with your eyes closed in the state of Sukhasana. Now you have to take a long deep breath and exhale slowly. Now you have to close your mouth and inhale and exhale through the nose, and in this process, your stomach should keep moving in and out. While doing this process, all your attention should be focused on inhaling and exhaling. Doing this process daily for 10 to 15 minutes gives benefits.


People often prefer to go to the gym or use gym equipment at home to lose weight. Deadlift exercise is commonly used in gym exercises to reduce weight and strengthen muscles. In the exercise, heavy-weight dumbbells have to be lifted from the ground with both your hands and brought to the chest or the chest, and while doing so, a little distance should be left in both your legs. Now you put this heavy weight on the ground and stop and then repeat this process.

Arms Circles

Most people look for at-home exercises to reduce arm fat, and one of the most popular exercises is arm circles. By doing this exercise, the muscles of the hands get stretched, reducing the extra fat. First, stand straight and straighten the hands like the shoulders to do this exercise. Now rotate the hand like the clock’s needles, that is, clockwise. Do this process daily for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Arms Crossovers

Arm crossover exercises also help in reducing excess body fat. To do this exercise, first, stand straight and make a distance between the legs. Do this exercise in a crisscross position by taking the hands first, like shoulders, and now from the chest. Jump by moving both hands in the crisscross direction towards the chest.

Bodyweight Curls

Body weight curls exercise also proves to be very helpful in weight loss. In this, you have to do such an exercise that you have lifted something heavy or understand that you have lifted a heavy dumbbell in the gym. To exercise bodyweight curls at home, you must first stand straight and keep your hand close to the waist. ‌ Now you have to slowly lift your hands with the help of elbows in such a way as if you have caught something heavy, and now you have to stay in this position for 4 to 5 minutes. Remember that all your body weight should be on the elbows and feet to stretch the muscles.

Inch warm to press up

If you want to reduce body weight with a simple exercise, then inchworm to press off exercise can be most beneficial for you. ‌ To do this exercise, you must first stand straight and then keep the claws of the palms on the ground while bending your half body. Now slowly tilting the body, move forward with the help of claws, and after that, again in the same process with the help of claws, slowly come back and straighten the body. Exercise has to be done daily for 4 to 5 minutes a day.

Body Weight Dips

Body weight dips exercise is considered an excellent exercise to reduce excess fat from the body. To do this exercise, you must first sit on the ground and keep a chair or table of some height behind you. Now you have to keep your hands on this chair and your feet straight on the ground, keeping your distance. Now keeping the palm on the chair, the whole weight of the body has to be put on the palm, and the body has to be brought up and down.


Swimming can be an excellent option to reduce body weight fast because, in swimming, all body organs are operated, which increases blood circulation and reduces extra calories. ‌ If you have a swimming pool, you should swim for half an hour daily.

Reverse tabletop exercise

Reverse tabletop exercises are considered popular to reduce excess body fat because you have to practice staying in the same position for a while. To do this exercise, first of all, lay down on a mat and then bend your knees. Now try to lift the back and keep the hands on the ground while moving backward. Make the whole position like a table and practice staying in it.

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