Fatty Liver Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies

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Fatty liver or the cause of swelling in the liver indicates a severe problem in the body, which promotes severe diseases like kidney failure, liver infection, etc. Getting information on the causes, symptoms, and remedies of fatty liver is necessary. Here you will get an exact answer of what to do for a fatty liver.

What is fatty liver?

Fatty liver is a serious problem of the body in which inflammation occurs in the part of the liver, and it occurs due to the accumulation of excessive amounts of fat in the liver. The problem of fatty liver usually arises due to modern uncontrolled lifestyles and excessive consumption of junk foods. The liver is an essential part of our body, and it helps in digesting our food and removing toxins.

The problem of fatty liver is mainly seen in two types; the first type includes the problem of alcoholic fatty liver, and a person who consumes excessive alcohol has an alcoholic fatty liver problem. ‌ The second type of fatty liver includes the problem of non-alcoholic fatty liver. In this modern uncontrolled lifestyle, consuming excessive fatty food and junk food promotes flat non-alcoholic fatty liver, accumulating inside the liver. Fatty liver problem is divided into 4 stages which are as follows-:

Normal Fatty Liver And Steatosis

The first stage in the problem of fatty liver is identified as normal fatty liver and steatosis infection, and it arises only due to an irregular lifestyle in which fat accumulation starts slowly inside the liver, which can be controlled by proper diet and controlled lifestyle.

Non-Alcoholic Steatosis

The second stage of liver problems is known as non-alcoholic steatosis infection. In non-alcoholic steatosis infection, along with the accumulation of fat in the liver, inflammation also occurs in which liver tissue cells are destroyed, and the liver works fast to heal these tissues, due to which a wound is formed in it. The problem gradually starts damaging the liver by converting it into Fibrosis Fatty Liver.

Fibrosis Fatty Liver

The third stage of fatty liver problem is known as fibrosis fatty liver infection, in which scarred tissue starts to form in the liver and blood cells around it, which affects the liver, but if this problem is treated at the right time. Gradually, healthy tissue starts forming in the blood cells. However, if this is not taken care of, then the scarred tissues make a permanent place in the liver and blood cells around it, due to which the problem of cirrhosis and fatty liver arises. 

Cirrhosis of Fatty Liver

The fourth stage of the fatty liver problem is known as cirrhosis fatty liver infection, and it is considered to be the most serious infection of fatty liver in which the liver stops working properly, and serious village starts to develop in the liver’s tissue. Due to this, symptoms like yellowing of the eyes and changes in the skin are seen. 

Typical fatty liver infection and non-alcoholic steatosis infection are found in most people, and fibrosis and cirrhosis fatty liver infection are found only in 3 to 4% of people. 

Causes of Fatty Lever

If the problem of fatty liver arises in your body, then it depends on the following reasons along with an irregular lifestyle-:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption is a major cause of fatty liver. 
  • Obesity is considered one of the leading causes of fatty liver, primarily caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, which is called alcoholic fatty liver infection.
  • Consumption of foods high in fat includes outside junk food, street food, milkshakes, lost sweets, etc. People must take the best food that helps to cut fat from the body.
  • Fat accumulation in the blood cells leads to scar tissue formation in the blood cells.
  • Diabetes problem
  • The high chlorine content in drinking water

Symptoms of Fatty Liver

Due to the modern lifestyle, the problem of fatty liver is increasing daily in human beings, and it is requested to all human beings that if you see any symptoms of fatty liver or pain in the side of the liver, you should immediately visit the doctor. Or else a proper health expert should be contacted for treatment. If any infection of fatty liver is present in your body or the problem of fatty liver starts to arise, then you start seeing the following symptoms of fatty liver-:

  • The absence of pain in the upper right side of the abdomen is considered a common symptom of fatty liver. 
  • When there is a fatty liver problem, the person’s weight starts falling rapidly, which is recognized as a symptom of fatty liver.
  • Due to the problem of fatty liver, symptoms of continuous weakness start appearing in the body, so the person starts feeling tired even after doing small work, or I start appearing weak.
  • Symptoms of fatty liver include yellowing of the eyes and yellowing of the skin, a severe problem of fatty liver caused by cirrhosis and fatty liver infection. In such a situation, it is imperative to contact the doctor.
  • Food is not digested correctly, so the problem of constipation and acidity starts to arise, which is included in the main symptoms of fatty liver.
  • Abdominal swelling is considered an essential symptom of fatty liver, which indicates a lesion in the liver tissue and slowly affects the liver by reaching the blood cells. 

Fatty Liver Disease Treatment

The problem of normal fatty liver and non-alcoholic fatty liver infection is seen in most people, and it can be cured with proper diet and regular treatment at home. Some of the main home remedies for fatty liver are given below-:

Consuming Dried Gooseberry Powder

Amla is most suitable and used as a home remedy to cure fatty liver in medicinal therapy because Amla has antioxidant properties and rich amounts of Vitamin C, which helps in healing liver cells and new ones. It helps build tissues. Four grams of amla powder must be consumed with water once or twice daily To eliminate the fatty liver problem. This treatment starts showing effect in the body in 20 to 25 days, and it also provides relief in swelling of the liver to a great extent. 


Consumption of buttermilk is considered appropriate to eliminate the problem of fatty liver. If you consume buttermilk in lunch, it helps you to digest food, due to which the liver starts functioning normally. While consuming buttermilk, you must add black pepper, salt, and cumin powder. 

Green tea

In the problem of fatty liver, regular tea and coffee consumption should be stopped, and green tea should be consumed instead because green tea contains nominal sugar and calories, which helps reduce liver fat. Two cups of green tea should be consumed daily To eliminate liver problems. You can also choose the best homemade drinks with no side effects to prevent fatty liver.

Lemons and oranges

Lemons and oranges are considered most suitable for removing fat from the body because they contain vitamin C, which is considered to be an essential element for a healthy liver. If you continue to consume lemon water and orange juice, then the fat present in the liver can be slowly removed from the body. You can consume lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning, which helps eliminate the fat present in the body rapidly. ‌ You can consume orange juice for breakfast, which will give you energy for the whole day, and it will also be beneficial for your liver.

Indian blackberry

Vitamin C and many antioxidant properties are present in Java Plum, and the fatty liver problem can be eliminated by consuming 250 grams of Jamun daily. Blackberry helps to eliminate liver inflammation and build healthy tissue in blood cells. The digestive system also remains correct by consuming berries, which significantly helps digest food.

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What is life expectancy with fatty liver disease?

3 to 4 years.

Can a fatty liver cause pain?


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