Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Journey 2023: Surgery, Diet Plan, Before & After Photos

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Jerod Mixon Weight Loss: Jerod Mixon, an actor, is known as Big Tyme in America. He won accolades in the entertainment world by playing excellent roles in hit movies like Me, Myself & Irene and Old School. However, Mixon’s excess weight was becoming an obstacle for him until he worked on reducing it. as soon as Jerod Mixon worked on losing it, he significantly reduced his weight. In this article, we’ll look closer at Jerod Mixon weight loss journey, exercises, Tips, and his steps to achieve his goal.

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Journey

Who is Jerod Mixon?

Jerod Mixon is a very famous Actor and comedian living in California, America. This 42 years old actor was born on 24 May 1981 in Hueneme California. From the 1990s, Mixon stepped into the acting world with small TV shows and movies. And today Mixon has dominated the entertainment world for the last several decades and has won the hearts of fans by doing many movies, TV Shows and Stand Up Comedies. He made his breakthrough in 2000 as Gar in the Jim Carrey comedy “Me, Myself & Irene.”.

Mixon had become very overweight, due to which he was facing a lot of problems, he spoke openly about it. Celebrity Fit Club is a reality show exclusively for overweight celebs, where Mixon worked hard to improve his health and was successful in achieving a healthy lifestyle. When he was struggling with the problem of overweight, he told how this increasing weight affected his career and personal life.

Jerod Mixon General Information Chart

41-year-old Jerod Mixon, a movie actor, was born in Port Hueneme, California. Undoubtedly, this celebrity lives a luxurious life as he has a net worth of 200k to one million dollars. Currently, Mixon is still living a single life and has no children, nor has he been married. Regarding his relationship and dating history, this celeb has kept the details of his relationship life as private as other celebrities have. That is why we do not have any information about his girlfriend’s name, so there is no way to reveal it. But some general information such as his weight, height, relationship status, dating history is given below.

Full NameJerod Mixon
Birth dateMay 24, 1981
Birth PlacePort Hueneme
ProfessionMovie Actor
Net Worth$100,000 – $1M
Martial StatusSingle
WeightLost 300 lbs
Hair ColorN/A
Eye ColorN/A

Jerod Mixon Weight Lose

The exercise routine Mixon took along with a healthy diet helped Mixon to achieve a healthy body after a lot of work. He also explained how you could lose weight by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not taking too much stress, getting enough sleep, and not eating too much junk food.

There is no doubt that shedding pounds cannot be easy, but if you have set a goal for yourself and are working towards it, it is also not impossible. Having friends or family members who can motivate you to do the same is one of the greatest blessings we can receive in life.

People trying to make positive changes can take inspiration from Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Journey. Because he has proved that with dedication and a positive attitude, any goal can be easily achieved; no matter how much your weight is, you can be healthy and fit.

Mixon followed a strict diet and workout plan to lose weight and improve his health. He limited his intake of unhealthy and processed foods and instead focused on eating nutritious meals.

Mixon also increased his physical activity, which included regular cardio and strength training exercises. Additionally, he incorporated healthy habits such as getting enough sleep, managing stress, and drinking plenty of water. Following this plan and staying dedicated, Jerod Mixon lost weight and improved his health.

Jerod Mixon Weight Lose Plan

In 2016, when Jerod Mixon’s weight was close to 400 pounds, he decided that even if he had to modify his lifestyle, he would lose weight. Mixon changed his life because of this attitude.

Mixon met a doctor and nutritionist who gave Mixon some tips to begin his weight loss journey. By obeying the doctor, he lost weight and changed his diet. First, he stopped eating junk foods and sugary drinks and started eating things rich in nutrition.

He worked hard in the gym by hiring a personal trainer. He exercised daily and created a workout routine that helped him complete his plan. Initially, he taught himself his habit of walking and exercising and succeeded this way.

Jerod Mixon Family

Jerod Mixon’s family information is not publicly available. However, he has a younger brother, Jamal Mixon, who is a professional actor, who earned fame. The same if Mixon’s wife, his daughter, his parents, or other family members are mentioned, but no specific information is available about them. People do not know about his family and other personal things because Jerod Mixon dislikes meeting people and sharing more information publicly.

Jerod Mixon Education

There are slender universal information accessible about Jerod Mixon’s education. This is not mention where he gained school knowledge or get an information of graduation from a college or not. Jerod Mixon’s has commenced his joyful career in a entertainment industry in 1990s. He has perform thier skills in many movies and TV shows. As we all know that education is neccessary for all, but still there is no need a proper education in entertainment industry. There are a lot of outstanding performers and actors who have gained a lot of achievement through their talent, creativities, struggles, hard skills and determination.

Jerod Mixon Net worth

There is no doubt that this celebrity has earned all of her income from her entertainment profession, comedy, and acting. As one of the most popular performers in movies and TV shows like “Me, Myself & Irene,” “Old School,” and “The New Guy,” the actor has made a lot of money from these types of projects.

Although there is little information about Mixon’s earnings available to the public, if sources are to be believed, it is estimated that Mixon’s net worth ranges from 200K to 1M USD.

The entertainment industry can be unpredictable, and actor income can vary significantly from year to year. Salary for actors depends on the production budget, their level of experience, and their role. Additionally, an actor can earn a living from other sources, such as endorsements, sponsorships, and investments, in addition to their salary.

Jerod Mixon Before And After Photos

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Jerod Mixon Old Video


What is Jerod Mixon Instagram Profile?

Jero Mixon real Ig account is here but he is not much active there.

What is Jerod Mixon Net Worth?

Net worth of this celeb can be from 200k usd to 1M USD. But he never disclosed the exact information about his wealth.

How Jerod Mixon Lose Weight 300 lbs?

It is said that the actor, who has been fighting obesity since an early age, has changed his lifestyle, taken up a healthy diet, and reduced his weight. The achievement of a healthy lifestyle was the result of his determination and dedication.


It was no secret that Jored Mixon was a big boy with a big frame, and at first, he had trouble dealing with his weight. Throughout the years, he tried many different diets and workout routines to lose weight but could not do so. In the following days, Mixon suffered symptoms of depression and lost motivation, increasing weight. His greatest strength was, however, that he wouldn’t give up on what he wanted. Eventually, he got a weight loss plan which was very useful for him. His weight loss plan and journey are shared in this article. If Jerod Mixon’s Weight Loss Journey inspires you, share it with your friends.

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