Best Yoga for Weight Loss: Cut Your Fat With These Yoga Poses 2023

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As we all know that since earlier times, Yoga has played a significant role in everybody’s life to make their body fit and healthy. Yoga is beneficial in retaining the body’s physical and mental fitness, and by adopting the yoga approach in Ayurveda, it has been notified about the ability to remove all health-related conditions; that is why today’s statement is associated with yoga for weight loss. Today, we will discuss the topics related to reduce belly fat and the advantages of doing yoga daily.

Best Yoga for weight loss

The most significant reason for a transformation in the body’s shape is the protrusion of the stomach. When extra fat gathers around the waist and in the inner part of the stomach, it seems external, which looks ineffective. Due to the expansion in belly fat, there is plenty of change in the size of clothing, and individuals cannot wear their favorite outfits due to which they feel stressed. However, belly fat can be declined by adopting some yoga exercises. Today we are going to discuss some best yoga for weight loss for beginners. With the help of them, you can reduce your belly fat quickly-:

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Mountain Pose Yoga For Weight Loss For Women

Mountain Pose can play an integral role in the yoga of reducing belly; by doing this, the blood flow in the body also evolves quicker. To do Mountain Pose, first, you must stand straight on the ground. Now bind the fingers of both hands together, take a deep breath, and lift both hands upwards gradually. Both hands should be directed toward the sky. While doing this, you have to keep your body weight on the heels of your feet and stay in this position for some time. Now you have to slowly bring your hands down, stand straight again, and do this process 2 to 3 times daily. This yoga will assist you to reduce your belly fat quickly. Do this yoga every day.

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Triangle Pose Yoga For Weight Loss

Triangle Pose is known as the best asana in yoga to diminish the belly as it allows the stretch of the muscles and loosens the fat around the waist. If you want to do Triangle Pose, you have to stand on the ground and, while doing so, make a distance of 2 feet between both legs. Now move the right hand upwards out of both hands and make a triangle shape by tilting the left hand downwards. Your knees should not be bent while doing this yoga. In this position, you must stay for at least 2 to 3 minutes and then return to your standard shape again. This is the best way to stretch your body and effectively remove extra fat from the body.

Hand to Foot Pose (Padahastasana)

Hand to Foot Pose

Hand to Foot Pose is an elementary yoga poses to reduce belly fat. In fact, during Hand to Foot yoga, there is pressure on the stomach, and the body’s muscles also get extended, which aids in decreasing the excess fat around the waist and abdomen.

To do Hand to Foot Pose, you must first stand straight on the ground and combine the legs. Now, slowly taking a deep breath, lift both hands towards the sky, and then, leaving them slowly, bend down. Keep both palms straight near the feet by keeping the knees straight and bending forward.

While doing this, the part of your waist should not be bent. In this method, your head should touch the knees, but remember that you should not force your body. Stay in this position for some time and return to your standard shape. It effectively removes belly fat and makes you look stunning and attractive.

Half Wheel Pose (Ardha Chakrasana)

Half Wheel Pose (Ardha Chakrasana)

Half Wheel Pose is a critical yoga pose to reduce belly fat quickly. The half of the body is seen rotating like a wheel in Half Wheel Pose. In such a shape, especially the abdominal part is prolonged from the body, which supports reducing the surplus fat near the stomach.

To do Half Wheel Pose, you should stand straight on the ground. While doing this, you should have both of them adjacent to each other. Now bend the elbows and meet both palms jointly. Now while slowly taking a deep breath, bend the body backward as much as feasible and make a half-shape.

While doing this yoga, you have to exhale and inhale slowly. You must stay for at least 2 to 3 minutes in this position. Now you have to come back to the standard shape. You have to do this posture two to three times a day. It will help you to remove the fat from the body.

Mill Churning Pose (Chakki Chalanasana)

Mill Churning Pose (Chakki Chalanasana)

Mill Churning Pose is thought to be a vital yoga exercise to reduce belly fat. Along with belly fat, it also reduces the fat around the waist. This posture is effortless to do. To perform Mill Churning Pose first of all, sit on the ground. Now spread both legs towards the front. Now, keeping both hands shoulder-width apart, bring them straight in front and make a fist with the fingers by joining both palms. Now tilt your body forward slightly.

Then, keeping the palms in the front, rotate the body from right to left, making a circular motion. By doing this, your body will also move from right to left. This process has to be done slowly. After doing it for 2 to 3 minutes, you take some rest. Initially, it would help if you did this asana in a set of five. This is the most beneficial yoga for all those who have gained a lot of extra fat around the waist and stomach.

Benefits of yoga for weight loss

There are plenty of ways to lose weight, but the most influential method is doing Yoga. It is regarded as the most satisfactory to embrace the path of yoga for weight loss because it helps to lose weight. Yoga enhances the physical shape and gives mental peace and stability. If you do any respected activity every day, then you will get the following benefits of doing yoga every day-:

  • If you do Mountain Pose yoga daily, you can quickly see a toned body.
  • By doing Mountain Pose, the height will increase, and the problem of abdominal pain and pain in the legs also decreases.
  • If an individual does Triangle Pose regularly, he gets relief from digestive disorders like acidity and constipation.
  • With Triangle Pose and Mountain Pose, the body becomes shapely and flexible.
  • Hand to Foot Pose assists in releasing mental stress.
  • When a person does Surya Namaskar daily, his body remains fully active, and mental peace becomes stable.
  • Along with this, Body pains like abdominal pain and back pain can be relieved by Ardha Chakrasana.
  • By doing yoga daily will relieve one from health disorders related to high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
  • Yoga helps to concentrate the mind.
  • By doing yoga every day, you will get rid of problems like insomnia and poor sleep.
  • Moreover, the body’s muscles become enthusiastic, so the blood flow boosts, and blood circulation in all body parts are done well.
  • Chakki Chalanasana is an essential yoga practice for women because it can reduce problems like back and abdominal pain during menstruation. Apart from this, by doing this asana, women’s uterus can be kept healthy.
  • The digestive system works properly, which helps digest the food the person takes.
  • Doing yoga daily makes a person look young, even in old age, and if there is always tension on his face.
  • Doing yoga daily stops problems related to skin disorders such as acne, pimples, dark circles, and dryness, making the face look attractive and glossy.
  • Doing yoga after waking up in the morning makes a person feel energetic for the entire day and not tired even after working.
  • By doing yoga reduces a person’s stress, which brings positivity to his outlook.
  • By doing yoga, positive energy is dispatched towards us, making the person feel good.
  • Doing yoga daily facilitates joint pain and reduces foot pain.

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Which yoga is best for weight loss?

The best yoga for losing weight is Malasana (Yoga Squat Pose), which allows you to boost the lower back. The next is Marjaiasana/Bitilasana (Cat-Cow Pose), which helps to improve the body posture. These yogas will be beneficial for losing weight.

How much yoga for weight loss?

If you want to lose your excess fat from the body, you have to do yoga three to five times per week or a maximum of one hour.

How long does it take to hold yoga poses for weight loss?

If you are doing yoga to lose several pounds, you must hold yoga poses for 30 seconds or 1 minute. That helps you to reduce weight quickly.

How to do yoga for weight loss?

According to the researchers, yoga is good for health and burns calories. You can lose weight using the Plank pose, Triangle Pose, Bridge Pose, and Bow Pose Yogas.

What to eat after yoga for weight loss?

After doing Yoga, you need to eat low-calorie foods like Daliya, Chickpeas, and soaked Groundnut that will provide you energy.

Yoga or workout, which is better for weight loss?

Yoga must be an excellent choice for losing weight and enhancing heart health. Yoga helps burn more calories and will be effective for weight loss.

Which is the best yoga for weight loss in PCOS?

The best Yoga for PCOS is Surya Namaskar; it will be a great yoga pose for PCOS and Hormonal imbalance. For weight loss, you must do this Surya Namaskar for five to ten minutes.

What is the best yoga for weight loss for beginners?

For beginners, Cat-cow pose, Table-top crunches, and Chair pose should be the best Yoga poses for losing weight.

Pilates vs. yoga for weight loss: What is best?

Let us tell you that both Yoga and Pilates are valuable exercises to gain strength and enhance flexibility. Yoga will be best for overall fitness if you are suffering from health problems. On the other hand, Pilates helps expand your flexibility.

How do you start walking and yoga for weight loss?

As we told you, Yoga is beneficial for health and fitness. But if we talk about walking for 10 minutes daily most days of the week, it will help you reduce weight.

Best yoga for weight loss at home for female?

Trikonasana is the best yoga exercise for weight loss for females, and it will also help to stretch shoulders and hip muscles.

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